Our practitioners are always very pleased to receive feedback from our clients on the services EMMETT4Animals provides.

Below are some of the reviews we have received:


Thank you again Tony for yet another brilliant day, I have thoroughly enjoyed every level 🤗🤗!! My feedback;

Emmett for dogs has been a revelation for me!! Tony has a unique skill in portraying so much information in such a relaxed, fun manner, it takes away any tension or concern in regard to learning this incredible technique. It is a humbling and joyful experience working with dogs, and I emphasise with. I have learnt the importance of honouring the dogs wisdom of knowing what it needs, where it needs it and how long they want it.

There is beauty, flow and gratitude in their response, how can you not be blown away by this gentle technique?
From this I feel it has enhanced treatments with humans (😊)! I feel more at ease in allowing longer between moves for processing, heightened observation skills, and a peaceful connection.

The unspoken essence of this Emmett journey is such a blessing 💕

Thanks again Tony, you’re a star 🌟🌟

Di Leslie-Veal 

In August last year I attended the Emmett Short course which was the beginning of, what can only be described as, an amazing journey. I have to admit that first day I was somewhat suspicious that so much could be achieved by literally using two fingers. I was also nervous as I have severe arthritis in my hands and as the day went on I thought maybe this wasn’t the course for me. That’s where that daft idea was well and truly left behind.

Tony is a great tutor with a brilliant sense of humour and has the ability to think ‘outside the box if someone is struggling with a particular Emmett move. As a result of this it’s possible for me to comfortably treat horses even with my sore hands.

My Emmett journey didn’t stop with the taster course and I’ve just finished level 5. I’ve made great friends and learnt an amazing therapy.
I’d recommend anyone to go and learn Emmett you surely won’t regret it one bit!


After a few nudges from the Universe, I made contact with Tony for further information on Emmett 4 horses course . In no time at all had enrolled in the short taster day and very soon after started on the full Practitioner for horses course.

Not coming from a Therapist back ground I was more than a little concerned I would be out of my depth from the lack of technical terms and names of the muscle groups . Well, Tony soon put my worries into a box never to see the light of day again! He simply explained that to treat horses with Emmetts they did not matter, but that we should use our eyes and inner voice to read the ‘book’ in front of us. Being able to treat horses with Emmett therapy is such a joyful experience.

Tony’s infectious enthusiasm, entwined with his honest memories and feelings of his own journey with Emmetts resonated constant reassurance in all of us on the course. Not wanting this experience to end and enjoying treating horses so much I have now found myself enrolled on to a human course.

I have noticed a great difference in myself which is leading to a long overdue career change. I have more confidence now which is down to Tony giving me the ‘tool’ to do it with, and that is ‘self belief’.

Thank you Tony and I can’t wait to continue with my Emmett learning.

Anne Hindley Cooke

Hi Tony,

Thank you yet again for another inspiring Emmett day. As I have said in previous feedback, not only is it amazing to work with animals, it has expanded how I work with people. The atmosphere you create is so calm for students and animals alike. It has been a joy to see the blossoming of those for whom animals has been their first contact with Emmett. I have become more patient and observant with regard to processing time and less worried about finding ‘exact spots’, as everyone’s body is going to be different.

To receive my practitioner certificate is a wonderful achievement for me.
Thank you for so much inspiration.


Hi Dyll,

Day 1

Thank you so much for coming out today. Widget has been calmer and has spent most of the day sleeping but he did manage to jump onto the sofa unaided, which he hasn’t managed to do for a while. He is walking in a straight line, which he wasn’t before. He drank a lot of water and has been out to relieve himself all seems well.
Thank you again for all you have done for me & Widget

Day 2

Widget has been much better even playing with his old chum Arely (Labrador) he is more like himself.  Arely’s owner noticed how much straighter Widge is walking. He is stretching out with his back legs as terriers do, which he hasn’t for a while.

Thank you again.

Annie Mason

I have a pretty feisty Welsh ‘D’, always puts 100% effort into his work but not always easy to channel. A horse with a huge personality and attitude, hence a lot of time and energy can be spent persuading him to see my point of view. He is largely of the opinion that he is always right!

Tony has treated him only twice. The first time not much happened. He was determined he wasn’t going to join in and was pretty adamant about it. The second time was astounding; he was much more receptive right from the start and within a fairly short time zoned out completely, even leaving his haynet whilst he apparently dozed in the corner, only it wasn’t sleeping. I don’t know what it was, but and this is the big thing since then he has had a totally different attitude to work.

Very receptive much more compliant and seems to be really enjoying it!

Thank you Tony

Carla Wessel

Tony came to treat my 16.2hh thoroughbred gelding Rex after he had spent 19-days in an equine hospital, recovering from acute lymphangitis. Nearly two months after the incident, although the wounds were much healed, there was still significant residual swelling on the affected leg – plus, as an ex-racehorse, I was keen for Tony to give him an overall check-up.

I was so amazed by my horse’s reaction, moving from initial wariness to actively asking Tony to continue the treatment within a matter of minutes. Tony’s gentle, quiet manner, unending patience and clear love of horses shines through and quickly earned him the respect of this particular equine client!

This was stage one of our treatment, but I could literally see the swelling diminish on my horse’s leg and his movement of the affected joint was much improved. Best of all, it was patently evident that this was a treatment that Rex not only benefitted from physically, but one which he obviously enjoyed! I can’t recommend Tony highly enough, his impressive knowledge combined with his obvious passion for the job, means that he is only interested in the optimum outcome, regardless of how long he needs to spend with the animal.

For me, it’s a no brainer to now include routine visits from Tony as part of Rex’s ongoing health maintenance programme.

Thank you Tony!