For many years now I have received EMMETT therapy, so when it was suggested by my practitioner

to contact Claire Stone for help with my HUNGARIAN VIZSLA who is a grade 5 Agility dog I quickly

arranged for Claire to visit & assess my dog for injury. I could tell his lower back was tender, but

within a short time of Claire arriving & carrying out a few moves, I could see Jimbo was more

balanced. The proof came on our next training session with our club.  Jimbo was more comfortable

jumping ,& was  moving much easier than he had previously been. Jimbo is still competing at 12years

old despite being a veteran.

Since then we have attended one of Claire’s  training days, & I have to say I’ve never seen so

many lively dogs (actually 5) become so chilled in such a short time.  After applying some of

the techniques  all of our dogs were completely relaxed,  comfortable & resting on their beds.

I will be extending my skills by  participating in a further 2 day course as I believe this technique

Is beneficial for both humans & animals

Many thanks Claire for sharing this wonderful treatment.

Kind Regards,


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