Thank you again Tony for yet another brilliant day, I have thoroughly enjoyed every level 🤗🤗!! My feedback;

Emmett for dogs has been a revelation for me!! Tony has a unique skill in portraying so much information in such a relaxed, fun manner, it takes away any tension or concern in regard to learning this incredible technique. It is a humbling and joyful experience working with dogs, and I emphasise with. I have learnt the importance of honouring the dogs wisdom of knowing what it needs, where it needs it and how long they want it.

There is beauty, flow and gratitude in their response, how can you not be blown away by this gentle technique?
From this I feel it has enhanced treatments with humans (😊)! I feel more at ease in allowing longer between moves for processing, heightened observation skills, and a peaceful connection.

The unspoken essence of this Emmett journey is such a blessing 💕

Thanks again Tony, you’re a star 🌟🌟

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