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We are very proud of the instructing team. They do a great job in creating an enjoyable learning environment that has students hungering for the next level!  They are passionate about sharing EMMETT, have a very welcoming and friendly approach, explain and demonstrate clearly, and all have prior experience in teaching & instructing.

Tony Sherry

Senior Instructor and Director of EMMETT 4 Animals UK & Ireland.  Tutor of EMMETT instructors and tutors.

His previous experience was working as a Nurse and in Adult Intensive Care for over 20 years. He has been teaching the EMMETT Technique since 2014. Based in Kent, he teaches both equine and dog classes all over the UK and Ireland and has taught Internationally.

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Tel: 07748 187 458

Alex Barrie

Trainee Instructor for Dog courses and EMM-Tech Tutor.

His background includes Personal Training. He has been teaching EMMETT since 2018. He is based in the Berkshireshire mainly teaches classes in that area.

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Tel: 07795 650964

Alex Barrie

John Rea

John Rea

Senior Instructor for Equine courses.

His background includes Mental Health Nursing and Equine Shiatsu. He has been teaching Emmett Equine courses since 2018. Based in Kent, he teaches classes all over the south east of England.

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Tel: 07717 294 832

Catherine Aziz

Trainee Instructor for Equine courses and EMM-Tech Tutor.

She has been teaching EMMETT since 2019.

She is based in the Midlands and mainly teaches classes in that area.

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Tel: 07809 290748

Catherine Aziz

Jonathan Roulston Tunnell

Trainee Instructor for Equine courses.

I am a Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist, fully qualified up to Level 5. I am also fully certified as a Low Level Laser Therapist.
My first love is Neuro signalling in competition horses, enabling me to incorporate my skills to help these horses achieve success.

I have recently qualified as an Advanced EMMETT horse Practitioner, and as a Human EMMETT Practitioner.

My Moto is “Never stop evolving your knowledge in order to strengthen yourself by benefiting others.
If you create Core Strength you Create Success”.

I'm looking forward to sharing both my knowledge and the magic of EMMETT with you all.

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Tel: 07968119423

Moira Wedel

Trainee Instructor for Horse Courses

I live in Midlothian near Edinburgh and I have owned (Icelandic) horses since 2001. I have competed in several events for Icelandic Horses during that time but my main passion is as a leisure rider. I love nothing more than the experience of riding my own horses through the beautiful countryside in Scotland and enjoying the wellbeing boost that brings.

I have worked for many years in the IT industry as a consultant but I have been lucky enough in the last 10 years or so to balance that office work with providing physical therapy for people and for horses. I have been working with people as a therapist since completing certification in Swedish Massage in 2011, and following on with Sports & Remedial Massage and also Reiki in 2012. I completed my training as an EMMETT Technique practitioner for people in 2018 and will attain my advanced certification in 2023.

I began working with horses first with Reiki in 2017, and in January 2023 I completed my certification as an advanced EMMETT 4 HORSES practitioner.

I continue to be humbled by the power of the EMMETT Technique and its ability to help both people and animals with issues related to pain, restricted mobility and disfunction. I have seen some truly astonishing results in my time working with the technique and I am very grateful to have found and to be able to share the EMMETT technique with others.

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Tel: 07515 722511

Gillian Watt

Trainee Instructor for Horse Courses

Animals have played an important role in Gillian's life, from the very beginning, when she went round visiting farms as a child, with her dad who was a vet.  She is an EMMETT4Horses practitioner, an Animal Reiki Master, Reiki Master, Accredited Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and a Mindfulness Practitioner, combining all of these skills and her experience to support both humans and animals, particulary when they are stressed, anxious, experiencing grief, in discomfort or something similar.  Our animals are extremely intuitive and will often take on our emotional upset and tension, which is why Gillian will often include both human and animal in a session.
Gillian lives and works mainly in the North East of Scotland but also works online.


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Tel: 07985773143